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An Exotic Mix of Digital Marketing


The 30.000 Word Challenge: Day 1


I’ve tried this publicly before and failed. This time…it’s personal! Join me in my epic adventure as I try to write 1.000 words every single day in September 2015.

Since my latest article was such an unexpected smash (currently at over 100 upvotes on and 50+ shares), I wanted to capitalize on that and make even more of my process public. So I’ll be attempting to write one new article every day for the next 30 days. And that article has to be at least 1.000 words. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?

I have 4 things already in place: MOTIVATION, RULES, PREDICTIONS and ARTICLE TOPICS.

Let’s start off with my MOTIVATION:

I need to prove to myself that this isn’t just a phase. That writing has really gotten a hold of me. And since I already have my next article topics in my sights, it would be a great waste not to pursue those desires further. I’ve been writing and producing content since I was in school, so looking back I was always serious about this craft. I just couldn’t admit it to myself.

A writer writes. Too often I’ve heard people moan about their lack of time or motivation for not writing or expressing themselves. At the same time they were smoking, drinking coffee or talking about how much fun they had at that party last night. Writing takes a lot out of you – it should. Otherwise, it’s just a hobby. I want to prove to myself that that isn’t the case for me.

Quantity still (sometimes) beats quality. I’d love to only write one article a week or month, but alas, that is not really an option for me. Digital marketing moves at a blinding speed and if I can’t keep up with it, I’ll be an internet outcast. Not knowing what the latest smart hearing aid app is (hearables are coming, just you wait!). As of this moment, there are only 5 articles on the blog, with tens of articles still in the Draft phase. I want the first impression of a visitor to be: “Whoah, that’s a lot of content”, not “Is that it? I could’ve written this in a weekend”.

Want to stay updated on the status of this challenge? Sign up below! [ninja_forms id=22]

Did someone say RULES? Sure, we have those too:

  • Reduce the fluff. Lists and top 10s are great, but I want to focus on the writing process and analysis, not gathering information and repurposing. So I’ll try to drastically reduce the number of fluff pieces.
  • Each article should have a clear purpose. Whether it’s a review, a study or a story, the article must provide value and spark a conversation.
  • Writing more than 1.000 words per day is allowed and recommended. There will probably be days when I don’t feel like writing for this blog, so I’ll allow myself to write more some days and relax others. In this instance, I’m more interested in the larger objective of 30.000 words than the individual tiny steps of writing 1.000 words each day.
  • Quotes don’t count as words. See RULE #1. This month, I’m not allowed to just pull a list of the best 100 quotes about content marketing, add some nice graphics and call that a valuable article (although it might spark a conversation).
  • No ghostwriters whatsoever. Since I’m making this whole challenge public, it would be easy for me to find someone to write for me, to avoid the shame of not meeting my objective. I’m not going to do that. But then again, how would you know…

Next, let’s see some PREDICTIONS:

  1. The first week will be the easiest. Since I’m off from work, the day really starts at 08:00 AM and ends at around 2 or 3 in the morning. The next weeks will be a whole different scenario – I’ll only have around 4 hours of actual writing time, so there’s that challenge.
  2. Around day 10 I’ll crack and want to quit – but I won’t. I’ve been running as a way to get fitter and I’ve found that it wasn’t my body that was getting tired, it was my psyche. Around day 10 I’ll probably wonder why I’m doing all of this and want to quit, somehow. Then I’ll get back to this post and regain focus.
  3. At least one of these 30 days will hit it big again. Whether it’s comments, shares or emails, I feel like at least one of these has the potential to really be something great. And 1/30? I’m fine with those odds.
  4. I’ll get a minimum of 5 questions about my reasons. When I was doing the 30 Tiny Projects experiment, the question I got the most was: “Why are you doing this?”
  5. By day 20 I’ll think about turning this experience into a book. Since Content Repurposing is one of my 30 TOPICS, so I’ll probably be thinking about putting 2 and 2 together and going full blast with National Novel Writing Month.

I’m really into making things free and open.

So let’s take a look at the ARTICLE TOPICS I will be writing about during these 30 days:

  1. (Better) Alternatives to WordDONE
  2. Growth Hacking a Facebook GroupDONE
  3. Launch a Blogpost Checklist – Email Octopus Review
  4. Make Your Titles Better
  5. Content Repurposing
  6. Content Marketing GIFs5×5: My Content Marketing FrameworkDONE
  7. Guest Post Opportunities –  How I Got Started With Content MarketingDONE
  8. Challenge Intro (this article) – DONE
  9. Challenge Outro (on September 30th)
  10. Common Misconceptions About BloggingDONE
  11. Build An App Without Coding
  12. Atomic Writer ReviewDONE
  13. Visual Apps On Android
  14. (5) Types Of Shareable Content
  15. How I Learned SEODONE
  16. Porn Marketing
  17. Hotjar Review
  18. Raindrop ReviewDONE
  19. Venngage Review
  20. Process Street Review
  21. 7 Better Than 6 – Part 2
  22. Podcasts To Follow
  23. How I Got Into PodcastingDONE
  24. Real-Life SEO: Conferences
  25. Books On Content Marketing
  26. Get Started With Guest Posts
  27. Metrics In Content MarketingDONE
  28. Chrome Extensions For Content Marketing
  29. (7) Alternatives To Sendy – How To Be Nice To Companies And Get Free SWAG
  30. Get Started With Online Courses – DONE

I’m not sure about exact titles yet, since those really do take a while to figure out. I’m also publishing the list to hopefully give you ideas to write about, if you feel you’re stuck.

These topics might change and evolve, if I feel a better subject pops up or an article deserves more than 1 part. Also, I’ll probably not write the articles in this order. Knowing me, I’ll start with the easiest ones.

So here it is, my first article of the series. And because I love community and getting to know fellow marketers and bloggers, LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS OR TIPS. If you’ve done this challenge before, let me know what I should be aware of, what I should expect and what the outcome might be.


  1. Hi Sorin, I may be too late; however we can support you with a review of our product (Decibel Insight). You can sign up for a free trial from our “packages” page. I can support you with any queries you have and help you through the review process.

    If I’m too late, I hope you bear us in mind for future months!

    Good luck with the challenge!

    • Hey Owain.
      I’ve used Decibel Insight for a bit and it’s on my Review list. Not sure if I’ll be able to do a full review this month, since I think it deserves a lot of time and effort dedicated to it.
      Thanks for the comment and I’ll definitely email you guys with questions. Maybe we can even do a giveaway together.

  2. Hey Sorin, keep up the great work, we fully support you in your 30-day blogging challenge. It’s very admirable and ambitious. Looking forward to seeing your AtomicWriter review 🙂 We’re honored to be on your upcoming list of articles. Let us know if you need any help. Paul (or myself) will answer any questions you may have. And hey, we can do a giveaway if that interests you. Best of luck Sorin!

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The 30.000 Word Challenge: Day 1

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